Hematologic and solid tumors

Study of onset, progression and treatment of hematological and solid tumors, focusing on chronic lymphocytic leukemia, glioma, neuroblastoma, colorectal, pancreatic, ovarian and breast cancer


Analysis of the mechanisms underlying the onset, the maintenance, and the progression of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) with a focus on the role of the Immunoglobulin and molecular networks that regulate cell survival, activation and proliferation 


Scientists: Bagnara D., Bruno S., Fais F. 

Keywords: Chronic Lymphocityc Leukemia, immunoglobulins, NGS, apoptosis, proliferation 


Development of methods of oncolytic immunovirotherapy. Assays of oncolytic Herpes Virus retargeted to tumor surface molecules and expressing stimulatory cytokines to induce anti-tumor immune response in mouse models of high grade gliomas


Scientists: Malatesta P. 

Keywords: virotherapy, glioblastoma, oncology 


Analysis of the molecular mechanisms underlying glioma cells invasion and analysis of the immune escape mechanisms of glioma cells in a murine model of glioma progression  


Scientists: Appolloni I., Malatesta P. 

Keywords: glioblastoma, immune escape, cancer


Role of non-coding RNAs in the differentiation and metastatic process of neuroblastoma and in vitro/in vivo drug induction of the over-expression of the non-coding RNA NDM29 and development of a drug combination for the treatment of high-risk neuroblastoma 


Scientists:  Pagano A.  

Keywords: non-coding RNAs, neuroblastoma, cancer


Image-based and molecular analysis of HER2+ breast cancers under targeted therapies, with focus on the modulation of intracellular trafficking/autophagy and extracellular vesicle release 


Scientists: Cortese K. 

Keywords: imaging, electron microscopy, breast cancer, autophagy, membrane trafficking, ERBB2


Identification and characterization of tumor associated antigens as target in immunotherapy 


Scientists: Carlomagno S., Castriconi R., Della Chiesa M., Dondero A., Marcenaro E., Pesce S., Sivori S. 

Keywords: immunotherapy, ovarian cancer, colo-rectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, hematological malignancies 


Identification of glial cell subpopulations in tumors of the parasympathetic nervous system with single cell sequencing strategies. Study of their role in the maintenance of tumor growth


Personale coinvolto:  Pagano A. 

Parole chiave:  glial cells, tumors

Evaluation and analysis of chemotherapy potentiation in triple negative breast cancer by combined treatments through drug repositioning


Personale coinvolto:  Pagano A.

Parole chiave:  triple negative breast cancer, drug repositioning

Last update 1 February 2023