Electron microscopy

The facility provides advanced expertise in electron microscopy, from sample preparation to image analysis, for a wide variety of biological samples. 

The lab activities cover a large spectrum of EM techniques with a major focus on sample preparation, immuno-localization of proteins, ultrastructural analysis in 2D and 3D, correlative light and electron microscopy and data processing. 


  • Negative staining.
  • Chemical fixation of cells and multi-cellular specimens.
  • Resin embedding.
  • Ultramicrotomy (including serial sectioning).
  • Cryo-ultramicrotomy (Tokuyasu technique).
  • Immuno-labelling
  • 3D EM imaging (TEM tomography).
  • Correlative light and electron microscopy (on section CLEM, 3D CLEM).
  • Image analysis and 3D cellular modelling.



  • Hitachi 7800 Transmission electron microscope, 120Kv equipped with side-mounted Megaview III camera.
  • Ultramicrotomes Reichert Ultracut for plastic and cryosections.

Access and fees

Access and fees are regulated by Regulation of Cellular Electron Microscopy Lab. Please contact staff members for inquiries.

Staff Members

Katia Cortese, head of the Cellular Electron Microscopy Lab

Maria Cristina Gagliani, technical officer

Grazia Bellese, technical officer

Pietro Arnaldi, Post doc fellow/Engineer

Last update 14 November 2022