Cell metabolism is the whole of pathways involved in cell life from signalling to energy production. The assessment of energy metabolism dynamics according to energy needs and the microenvironment is a key aspect to be considered in studying the biology of aging, cancer, and other pathologies. The study of metabolism could give us important information about the physiopathology of cells and can help to find new therapeutic approaches for different pathologies


Evaluation of bioenergetics, energy metabolism, mitochondrial biogenesis, and dynamics in physiological and pathological conditions, such as aging, cancer, and hematological disorders  

Scientists:  Ravera S.

Keywords:  mitochondrial dynamics, energy metabolism, bone marrow failure diseasesaging


Investigation of the role of NAD in different physio-pathological conditions, in order to identify new therapeutic approaches acting on the NAD synthesis pathways or on the use of NAD as a fundamental energy molecule and as a regulator of different processes, being a substrate of the enzymes CD38 and sirtuins 

Scientists:  Bruzzone S., Piacente F. 

Keywords:  NAD, CD38, sirtuins


Identification of differential expression of calpastatin splicing forms and their role in human pathologies involving alteration in Ca2+-homeostasis 

Scientists:  De Tullio R. 

Keywords:  Ca2+-homeostasis, calpain, calpastatin


Investigation of the role of abscisic acid (ABA) and its receptor LANCL2 in the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes and in the physiological regulation of the glycemic homeostasis 

Scientists:  Zocchi E., Sturla L. 

Keywords:  abscisic acid, metabolic syndrome, LANCL-2


Pleiotropic role of lipocalin 2 (LCN2) in integrated physiology studies through the use of a transgenic mouse model: effects of chronic systemic overexpression of LCN2 on the kidney and bone and alterations on calcium and phosphate metabolism; correlation between LCN2 overexpression and obesity. Metabolic and functional studies

Scientists:  Tavella S. 

Keywords:  lipocalin 2, obesity, calcium metabolism


Investigation on the dependence of CLL cells on glucose and lipid metabolism for the control of apoptosis, cell activation and proliferation. Identification of related targeted therapies 

Scientists:  Bruno S. 

Keywords:  lipid metabolism, proliferation, apoptosis, flow cytometry, confocal microscopy


Last update 1 February 2023