Neuronal reprogramming and brain organoids

Several aspects of different nervous system pathologies could be dissected by use of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), obtained directly from patients carrying pathogenic gene mutations and differentiated into human neurons. Recent developments of iPSCs derived human neuronal cultures now allow differentiation of selected neuronal subtypes to investigate cell-specific phenotypes and generation of 3D neuronal cultures (brain organoids) to study complex neurodevelopmental processes as neuronal migration, connectivity and function


Neuronal reprogramming for the study of central nervous system disorders

New technical approach: Brain organoids grown up on liquid air interfaces and combined with microglia


Scientists:  Benfenati F., Corradi A., Fassio A., Sterlini B.

Keywords:  brain organoids, synaptic genes, induced pluripotent stem cells, disease modelsneurodevelopment



Last update 8 July 2022