In vitro 3D models

To study physiologically relevant in vitro 3D models as platforms for a dynamic comprehension of physiopathology, providing a more reliable model in “drug discovery” that mimics the in vivo tissue morphology and microenvironment

Assessment of in vitro 3D models, using fluidic bioreactors, for the study of mechanisms underlying human pathologies, in order to identify preventive and therapeutic strategies.


Scientists:  Bassi A.M., Penco S., Vernazza S.

Keywords:  3D models, millifluidic systems

Development of 3D culture system  through the use of tools that mimic microgravity and bioreactors for dynamic cultures, such as the screening of ADAM10 inhibitors in the anti-tumor response in Hodking's lymphoma


Scientists:  Tavella S.

Keywords:  3D models, bioreactors


3D models for studying NK cells/neuroblastoma interactions


Scientists:  Bottino C., Castriconi R., Dondero A. 

Keywords:  3D models, neuroblastoma, NK cells

Last update 1 February 2023