Molecular and cellular mechanisms of brain diseases

The project aims to investigate the physiopathological roles of a class of emerging genes causative for neuronal functional and morphological alterations that impact on cellular development, synaptic function and behavior. The activities related to this research topic are the study of proteins involved in the physiopathological mechanisms that regulate synaptic vesicle biogenesis, trafficking and degradation and the impact of dysregulation of presynaptic physiology in brain disorders


Characterization of the molecular and electrophysiological mechanisms of human mutations in synaptic genes causative of autism and epilepsy


Scientists:  Baldelli P., Benfenati F., Corradi A., Fassio A., Michetti C., Onofri F.

Keywords:  epileptogenesis, synapsins, autism, hyperexcitability, behavioral phenotype


Role of proteins that regulate pH homeostasis and autophagy in the regulation of neuronal development and synaptic vesicle trafficking

Roles of the dysregulation of endocytic pathways and autophagy in developmental encephalopathy with epilepsy


Scientists:  Benfenati F., Corradi A., Fassio A., Giovedi S., Michetti C.

Keywords:  live-imaging, autophagy, neurodevelopment, neurodegeneration, synaptic vesicles


Role of LRKK2 in synaptic vesicle trafficking and neurotransmitter release in Parkinson’s disease


Scientists:  Benfenati F., Marte A., Onofri F.

Keywords:  LRRK2, Parkinson’s disease, synapsins, synaptic vesicles, phosphorylation


Role of APache in neuronal development, synaptic functions and implications for Alzheimer’s disease


Scientists:  Benfenati F., Giovedì S.

Keywords:  APache, autophagy, Alzheimer’s disease, neurodevelopment, synaptic vescicles

Neuroinflammation and synaptic plasticity


Scientists Benfenati F., Valente P.

Keywords:  ion channels, neuroinflammation, TRP channels, pain, calcium


Mechanisms and applications of hypoglycemic diet in preventing epileptogenesis in experimental models of epilepsy


Scientists Baldelli P., Benfenati F., Michetti C.

Keywords:  hypoglycaemic diet, multi-electrode array electrophysiology (MEA)behavioral phenotype


Role of the Alzheimer’s disease-associated Ab peptide in the process of memory formation

Antiproliferative strategies to improve the outcome of glaucoma surgery


Scientists Ricciarelli R.

Keywords:  Alzheimer’s disease, amyloid-β, Tau, neurodegeneration, glaucoma, Tenon’s fibroblasts


Roles of the dysregulation of autophagy and extracellular vesicle release in TDP-43-mediated toxicity in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in vitro and in vivo models


Scientists:  Cortese K.

Keywords:  live-imaging, autophagy, electron microscopy, neurodegeneration, TDP-43


Last update 8 July 2022